Pro Youth Recreation & Family Center is a nonprofit organization dedicated to providing a structured environment to empower and nurture smart, healthy, self-sufficient young individuals.


We encourage our youth to have honor, compassion, creativity and generosity through volunteering time and giving back to the community which in turn cultivates integrity. Our team came together to create a community center for all community members. We’re a non-profit organization designed to provide classes, lessons and recreation services for our Staten Island community. We host a wide range of services for participants ages 6 and older such as CPR classes, financial literacy, homework help lessons and art activities. We’re giving back to our community by offering most of these services free of charge. We’ve started a few community service acts and hope to expand even further in the future.


Pro Youth Recreation & Family Center understands the need to create a relational community where everyone is loved, valued and equipped for change. 

1953 Richmond Terrace  Staten Island NY 10302

Tel: (718) 442-1801


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